Breslev Learning Center is a Jewish Orthodox institution focused on serving and inspiring our local Jewish Community based on the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Our mission is to promote and encourage our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world the study of our Holy Torah, Talmud and sacred writings of Rabbi Nachman. Through our humble beginnings, we have seen and continue to see our community grow and prosper. It is with Hashem's help, that we try to reach as many Jewish souls from all types of backgrounds. Rebbe Nachman would never reject any Jew, and would go to far lengths to restore the roots of a Jew's purpose in this world.

In the same effort, we welcome with great joy all of our Jewish friends to our small, yet thriving community. Rebbe Nachman told his followers before his passing in 1810 that his influence would long impact the Jewish generations to come. As we can see, centuries later, his teachings have reached all corners of the world and impacted all who have implemented his holy writings to their lives. The success behind Rebbe Nachman's global impact is the wisdom he brings in his teachings.

As a learning community and organization, we are capable of unlocking Rebbe Nachman's wisdom through the practical tools he provided in his teachings. Tools that aren't just intended to become more knowledgeable of our Torah, but to become more flourishing within our personal growth of serving God. In doing so, he provides us with the tools for practical and achievable development in disciplining our characters with good traits. Additionally, he assists us in balancing our self-esteem, caring and loving for our fellow man by injecting Emuna, Simcha, and simplicity in our day to day lives.

These are the fundamentals that we strive to achieve at The Breslev Learning Center. Our door is open to all who want to come participate in our communal services, activities and events. Nevertheless, we distinguish and promote ourselves by changing the lives of those who lived in darkness by revealing the light of our Rebbe's holy teachings.